Here's to continuing traditions

A while ago I spent the day at my grandmother's house where she taught me to make a black ash basket the traditional way. Her basking making techniques come from that of the Northeast Indian tribes, including Mi'kmaq and Maliseet. She has attended many basket making classes held by the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, Maine and has learned from some of the best. I'm not sure how long she has been making baskets, but she makes some really amazing ones. 
My grandmother helping me with my first basket. Yes, her jewelry collection is also amazing.


It goes to Officer Norris. AGAIN.


This should be titled "How not to pack" for a weekend getaway

As you may or may not have gathered I went to Iowa last week and was slightly stranded there because of Hurricane Sandy. I found out about 24 hours prior to leaving that there was a hurricane 'scheduled' to hit the east coast on the day I intended to fly home. This did indeed have an impact on what I chose to bring with me. These days I like to fly without checking luggage. So I didn't. The following is how I packed for a chilly weekend in Iowa with a somewhat definite chance of being stranded there for extra days.

The travel bags themselves.

The "Wild Horses of Fire" shoulder bag
Same style but fancier than the one I brought.
I chose to bring an L.L. Bean backpack that belongs to my boyfriend, as well as a Laurel Burch Wild Horses of Fire shoulder bag. I bought that one specifically for the trip.


I was all sorts of lucky.

I'm making this a quick post. Hurricane Sandy did so much damage and it was sad to watch my beloved east coast go through all of that. I flew home from Iowa on Nov 1st. I talked to a handful of people at the airports involved, most knew someone who had been hit hard by the hurricane. One man had a sister lose a house. His other sister had apparently not evacuated and made it through just fine, but said she'd never again ignore an evacuation warning again. It sounds like this was a wake up call. Now New York and New Jersey (along with New England) are getting hit by what The Weather Channel is calling Winter Storm Athena (though the National Weather Service is telling it's staff not to use the name). So all you people travelling to and/or from the east coast tomorrow and perhaps the day after BE CAREFUL (if you're driving) and check your flight status (if you're flying). 
That being said United did make it quite easy for me to change my flight and get home after getting 'stuck' in Richland, Iowa. The family I was with was very gracious in letting me stay and enjoy their company and their fantastic horses. After the initial glitch with talking to a United rep it was quite easy to change my flight. I expected the waiting on hold, which really wasn't that bad at around an hour considering the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy. My original flight plan was to leave Des Moine, fly to Chicago, then to Washington DC, then to Boston, and then take Amtrak home. When I finally figured out which day to go back with the rep I told him I just wanted to fly directly home to Portland, ME. There were no questions asked and all I had to do was show up at the airport. I had one stop in Chicago then went straight home to the two-oh-seven. I did utilize early check in online and the mobile boarding pass. All worked incredibly well and made my airport time smooth. I'm pretty used to international flights so this domestic travel seems way too easy at times.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Athena doesn't add too much extra damage to the places hit by Hurricane Sandy. I'll mention in here that Maine didn't get hit hard enough to mention so we're all set for a Nor'easter. This is Maine anyway, we're always all set for a Nor'easter. To everyone I met in my travels who wished me safe travels and safety for my family during the hurricane I sincerely thank you. I was touched at the amount of caring and concern from total strangers. On that note I'm going to go watch Athena start and enjoy the snow!

And also Bender's Game on Netflix.

©Jessi Lynn Trafon 2012

Part 2. The Wait.  

On hold with United Airlines. What a mess.

*Several angryness's later...*

This is where I've been hanging out in Iowa. My first casino and racetrack. Good times were had by all.


Part 1. Here we go.

This is what happens after a sprinkle. Frankenstorm should result in a different photo.
It is technically Sunday morning as hurricane Sandy approaches my beloved East Coast and I am in Iowa. Nine states and Washington DC have been declared a state of emergency. I have three scheduled flights on Monday. Des Moines to O'Hare (Chicago), O'Hare to Dulles (Washington DC), then Dulles to Logan (Boston). Do the math. That is not a good flight plan for the day this beast hits the East Coast. After arriving at Logan I was planning to take Amtrak (yay trains!) to Portland and have the boyfriend pick me up. As of Saturday night my O'Hare to Dulles and Dulles to Logan flights have been cancelled. Amtrak appears to be putting a halt to trains as well. At least they are taking this storm seriously. Let the stress begin.


Try barrel racing!

... this is me in an event called 'single pole'. We won! Barrels later.

Image does not belong to me and credit goes to original photographer/Chicago Waldorf School. what is that?


It's time to get back at it.

Lil Colonel Lynx (aka Stetson) and I securing a win during single pole!


Monday made me laugh! The impossible has been achieved!


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